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A Message from Dağlı Insurance Chairman of the Board Ersan Dağlı

A Message from Dağlı Insurance Chairman of the Board Ersan Dağlı

Esteemed agents of our company,

Beloved Friends,

We are faced with a serious disease that has affected the entire world as well as our country. The social and economic crisis caused by Covid-19 can also be experienced in our country and its effects are felt to a large extent.

In light of this extraordinary situation, our government has taken some precautionary decisions to be implemented.

Just like all sectors, the insurance sector will do what they can in these extraordinary times.

Some measures will be taken to overcome the crisis with the least amount of damage. However, it will be more difficult in this period for the Insurance Sector, especially for our Insurance Companies, as well as for our insured customers whose purchasing power has been seriously depleted. I believe that there will be serious reductions in demand in other branches, especially for Motor Insurance. I believe that serious efforts will be made to reverse this with the help of our highly skilled, highly valued agencies. In the days ahead of us, everyone's priority should be to protect their current insurances and policies to the best of their ability. Subsequently, intense efforts should be made to increase the number of new customers.
First of all, we must protect our health. We must comply with the proposed measures against the epidemic. We can surely do the rest by working together.
By working together, it is possible to minimize our losses, if any, by supporting each other. For this, our company Dağlı Insurance is ready to fulfill its responsibilities and work with all of its Executive and Technical Expert staff. From the very first day, with the support of our WhatsApp and Viber lines, the "Home Service", "Contactless Policy", "Uninterrupted and Online Service" Model, we successfully made it possible for customers to make new policy requests, premium payments and claims for damages arising from their policies and for us to respond quickly.

In particular, I would like to state that the TRNC Insurance Sector and Insurance Companies regarding Economic Measures announced that we are waiting for similar improvements for all other sectors while introducing unacceptable additional Tax Liabilities. The “Corporate Tax” is collected in cash, starting from 2020 (immediately) every “3 months”. All cost calculations will deviate in this sense, and with the addition of a collection problem, it will cause our services to become more important and meticulous.

As the Dağlı Insurance Family, our company aims to work hand in hand and work harder to overcome the difficult conditions experienced by Covid-19 with your understanding and support, and to stand by their own insured customers.
In addition to all these measures taken, I will be informing our esteemed agencies in the coming days according to the economic conjuncture.

It is my greatest wish to see a robust, lossless insurance system and healthy days once again. For this reason, we aim to protect the rights of all our valued agencies and insured customers to the best of our ability. We will continue to provide the best support we can in our attempts to keep alive our 52-year old tradition. Our Web Page (www.daglisigorta.com/) has been put into service with a revised infrastructure to make online payments easier with the necessary technological arrangements. I hope we emerge from this lockdown without harm, loss, and most importantly, full of health and reopen our company doors.

Wishing everyone a swift return to healthy lives.

I’ve missed you all.