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The Metaverse Move by Dağlı Insurance

The Metaverse Move by Dağlı Insurance

The event titled ‘Metaverse and the Human Experience’ was held on June 16that the North Cyprus Banks Association. The opening speeches of the event were delivered by Dağlı Insurnace CEO Ersan Dağlı, the Banks Association President and İktisatbank General Manager Olgun Önal, and KKTCELL General Manager Murat Küçüközdemir.

Stating how Dağlı Insurance had become an insurance-industry pioneer, especially in the digital realm, in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, with its experience surpassing half a century, Ersan Dağlı emphasized that they are following digital trends very closely. Dağlı stated that while providing insurance to their customers through innovative product alternatives, they are trying to invest in a variety of digital applications that will make life easier and to start building the future from today before continuing as follows: “During the COVID-19 pandemic, the role and importance of technology in our lives increasedevidently. This course paved the way for the development of new technologies such as the metaverse.While the opportunitiesadded to our lives through technology affect our daily life, these opportunities also relate to many different areas, from industry to business, from economy to culture. Being in direct contact with individuals and institutions, the metaverse relates to the insurance industry which has become a pioneering sector in replacing lost values.”


Remarking that the metaverse will change the perception of risks, which is the foundation of the insurance industry, Ersan Dağlı stated, “We see the metaverse as a new area of investment that will strengthen your pioneering and leading position in digital transformation phases. We will harmonize our innovative business processes and products with the metaverse universe, anticipating that this new technologywill make serious contributions to our company, which will create a user experience in many areas from sales and marketing to risk management.”

Stating that they foresee this new technology supporting the insurance industry byimproving customer experiences in areas such as sales, marketing, operations, risk assessment and customer service, Ersan Dağlı commented that, as Dağlı Insurance, the pioneer of digital insurance, they will invest in the new universe, follow technological steps that will make life easier and underlined that they will continue to develop new products and services towards new risk concepts.


Dağlı stated that Dağlı Insurance would continue to develop both its products and services in line with new technologiesand to stand by insurance holders in the cyber world before remarking,“Every wind of innovation creates an advantage that fills our sails and enables us to carry our leading position even further.”


After the opening speeches, the event was attended by Eastern Mediterranean University Communication Faculty Member Asst. Assoc. Dr.Raziye Nevzat's seminar titled ‘The Metaverse and the Human Experience’. The panel titled‘Technology, Metaverse and the Business World’ held after the seminar was co-organized in partnership with Dağlı Insurance CEO Ersan Dağlı, the KKTCELL General Manager Murat Küçüközdemir and the Emre Dağirmencioğlu Cyprus Economy Bank Treasury Group Manager.

Ersan Dağlı, answered Asst. Assoc. Dr.Raziye Nevzat's questions on industry practices, investment opportunities and the metaverse. Dağlı stated that companies needed to adapt both their products and ways of doing business with the digital world and continued his speech as follows: “Human and digital risks in the metaverse world will require insurance. For this reason, our industry needs to start working on product development. We expect an increase in the number of insurance companies and intermediaries that carry out their activities by investing in the metaverse universe in years to come. Every innovative product and service we have offered as Dağlı Insurance has made the lives of our policyholders easier. I think that agencies, which are the most important distribution channels of our sector, should be ready for all insurance transactions that will be needed in the Metaverse universe and should follow these developments closely.”