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Medical Indemnity Insurance

Protect yourself from possible damages you may cause your patients due to your profession!

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Protect yourself from any damages you may cause your patients and any damage claims you may incur due to your profession!

Even though you do your best during medical treatment or operations, it may not be possible to cure every single one of your patients. In fact, a single overlooked detail or mistake could harm or even kill your patients. With Medical Indemnity Insurance, you can protect yourself against damage claims resulting from these kinds of unwanted situations.

Medical Indemnity Insurance is a type of insurance that covers all practicing medical doctors offering their services.

How does Medical Indemnity Insurance Protect Me?

You may be working day and night for the good of personal and public health. No matter how  much you fulfill your professional requirements, you may harm your patients and face serious indemnity claims due to a potential mistake or negligence. Medical Indemnity Insurance provides assurance in situations resulting from these potential mistakes and undertakes general or moral compensation claims.

With this insurance, which covers all medical doctors actively practicing in Northern Cyprus, you can insure possible errors and compensation expenses that may arise from them.

What Does Medical Indemnity Insurance Cover?

Claims against Medical Malpractice during Treatment
Claims Resulting from Medical Malpractice during Operations/Surgery


  • What should I pay attention to when taking out Medical Indemnity Insurance?

    To choose the most suitable and comprehensive policy for you, first you must carefully examine the policy's coverages, exemptions, special conditions and coverage limits.

  • What kind of coverage does Medical Indemnity Insurance provide?

    This insurance covers any harm you may cause to your patients due to possible errors. It provides a maximum of 40% of the coverage limit specified in the policy for general or non-pecuniary claims to be filed by the patient or the patient's relatives.

  • What is excluded from Medical Indemnity Insurance?

    Actions other than medical practices, damages caused while under the influence of alcohol-drugs, administrative and judicial fines given by the hospital against the doctor, compensation claims during the period of temporary ban from the profession excluding first aid and emergency response, are not covered. Please review the general conditions of the policy to learn more about other situations that are not covered.

  • How do I purchase Medical Indemnity Insurance?

    You can purchase Medical Indemnity Insurance by filling out the Get A Quote form on the page or by visiting your nearest Dağlı Insurance agency. You can visit our Agencies page to find the closest Dağlı Insurance agency to you.

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