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  • Can tenants benefit from Home Package Insurance?

    You do not need to be a homeowner to benefit from Home Package Insurance. Whether a tenant or homeowner, anyone wishing to protect their home and furniture can benefit from this insurance.

  • Is Home Package Insurance obligatory insurance?

    Home Package Insurance is not obligatory however, it can protect you against unexpected major risks such as fires, theft, earthquakes, floods, and lightning.

  • Does home insurance cover damages that may be caused to a neighbour?

    Any damage to your neighbours’ homes as a result of a flood or fire in your home will only be covered by Dağlı Insurance if it is included in your compensatory coverage in your policy.

  • What are the required documents when getting Home Package Insurance?

    You need to present certain documents to your insurance company. These documents contain personal information and information relating to the general features of your home.

    • Personal Information: Contact and Identification details
    • Home Information: Full address, Title deeds including block section & parcel numbers, gross square meter measurements of the home, square measure, building type, number of floors, and documents containing similar information.

  • What supplementary coverage can be added to Home Package Insurance?

    You can supplement your policy with many features ranging from personal accident coverage to rent loss. To view the full list of supplementary coverage for Home Package Insurance, you may refer to the section “What Supplementary Coverage Can Be Included to Home Package Insurance” on the Home Package Insurance page.

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