Dağlı Sigorta



As Dağlı Insurance, for the last 2 years, we have been increasing and continuing our efforts in preparation to adapt our business to the digital insurance platform. The public and all our insured customers have been closely watching our progress with appreciation, which they experience first hand by making use of our digital system at their convenience. The days following Covid-19 have proven that digitization has become an inevitable requirement for our era and not just a matter of preference.

As Dağlı Insurance Limited, we come out of this period by learning important lessons. After May 4, 2020, we will begin by making significant changes to our business modelling. As Dağlı Insurance, we will face our insured customers as a company that is more agile, faster at decision-making, with more digital applications, working harder, as well as compensating more customer claims.

Working from our renewed and mobile-phone compatible website www.daglisigorta.com, you will be able to make payments just by entering your ID card information, product information and policy number. This application will be our newest digital application after Covid-19. We are proud to be the FIRST and ONLY INSURANCE COMPANY moving in the direction of digitalization and keeping up with the times we are in.

Another important digital breakthrough is that from the end of May, our policyholders will be able to do their Insurance Policies at home or at work. For damages, documents will be delivered to our company via remote access. As we approach May 4th, I wanted to proudly share this joyous news with you and present Dağlı Insurance Limited’s new showcase. We are very excited, along with all our management and colleagues. We have done very well in this lockdown period. Speaking of which, I believe that you will adhere to the recommendations of the “scientific committees” while returning to your workplaces. Please do not forget to use masks and gloves and follow the rule of social distancing when going out. I send you all my best wishes, so that we may live healthier and more promising days together. Together, I send my respect and love to you all. I would also like to take this opportunity to send our appreciation and thanks to our President, Government, Scientific Committee, Turkish Cypriot Medical Association, and all of our healthcare professionals and our security forces.

Dağlı Insurance Chairman of the Board Ersan Dağlı