Dağlı Sigorta

About Us

Dağlı Insurance was founded in 1967 under the leadership of Mustafa Dağlı and with the initiative and support of Att. Osman Dağlı. Undertaking the responsibility of the most respected and largest insurance affairs within the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Dağlı Insurance continued its activities as an insurance agent for 23 years, signing on some of the most important insurance policies of the TRNC.

Having completed his banking and insurance education at Ankara Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences, Ufuk Dağlı joined the company in 1982 introducing a fresh perspective on their business endeavours.

In 1990, Dağlı Insurance, which had been operating extensively in the Famagusta and Karpas regions of Northern Cyprus, expanded its service area and increased its activities throughout the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The same year, Ersan Dağlı brought momentum to Dağlı Insurance, having completed his internship at an insurance company within the Turkish Insurance Institute of the Republic of Turkey. Ersan Dağlı continued working as the TRNC branch for Başak Insurance, a subsidiary of Ziraat Bank, a reputable and long-established bank in the Republic of Turkey, and between 1996-2001 served as Başak Insurance’s TRNC Branch Manager.

On September 1st, 2001, Dağlı Insurance officially registered its activities as an insurance company and handed over the first insurance policy to the late Minister of Defense and former MP Taşken Atasayan. Providing nearly every personal and corporate insurance available, Dağlı Insurance, along with its respected and valued personnel, is the 15th local insurance company established in the TRNC.

In 2011, Dağlı Insurance completed all its legal obligations under the New Insurance Services Regulation and Supervision Law (which came into force in 2010) and became the first of 32 insurance companies to obtain its licenses.

Since 1967, Dağlı Insurance’s foundation and history under the leadership of Mustafa Dağlı has been full of success and professionalism at its best.

Dağlı Insurance’s acts are driven by its mission to provide European Union standards in the insurance service to the people of the TRNC and offer compensatory payments without delay to their insured clients. As a local insurance company with a respected network of branches across the TRNC, strong financial model, and innovative management approach, Dağlı Insurance’s vision is to ensure its clients’ needs and satisfaction.