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Your identity card, the most precious document you have, is now secure - in your pocket and across all digital platforms!

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Your identity card, the most precious document you have, is now secure - in your pocket and across all digital platforms!

Cyberty; protects your identity card, which you always carry around and use many times during the day, against risks such as theft, cyber risks, and card copying.

Your ID card, apart from being the most valuable document you own, is a document that proves who you are, which is accepted as evidence of your existence and is required in almost all areas of life, in both formal and private processes.

Identification, which is frequently being used in virtual environments due to technological developments, are on the radar of malicious people both in real life and in the cyber world. You could prevent financial or intangible damages with Cyberty and protect yourself against identity thieves. With the assurance of Dağlı Insurance, you can now protect your most valuable document against malicious people.


Your credentials may fall into the hands of malicious individuals without your knowledge or outside of your control. While identity theft has become a frequent risk, especially in virtual environments (that have become indispensable today), in real life, your identity information or identity may be stolen.

Your stolen information can be used against you and your finances. Cyberty protects your identity and you against thieves and malicious people. Thanks to Cyberty, you can protect your identity against the risks that may occur in various ways such as theft, pickpocketing, card copying, and cyber fraud.


Identity Theft
Legal Costs
Loss of Income
Travel and Communication Expenses
Password Theft
ID Renewal Costs
ATM Theft


ID Support Line
PC Protection
Private Identity Fraud Specialist


  • What must I pay attention to when getting the Cyberty policy?

    To determine the most comprehensive and suitable policy for your needs, first, we must carefully review the purchased policy’s coverage, exemptions, special terms, and coverage limitations.

  • Is Cyberty mandatory insurance?

    Cyberty is not mandatory insurance, however, it could protect you against unexpected physical or cyber identity theft risks.

  • What is the coverage cost of Identity Theft?

    Legal expenses, loss of income, travel, and communication expenses for legal procedures resulting from identity theft are guaranteed up to 15,000 TL per annum. Within the scope of the guarantee, we offer support and guidance from expert teams on what to do in such cases.

  • What is the coverage cost against Password Theft?

    Financial losses encountered resulting from all your stolen personal passwords (through digital or physical means) such as credit cards, debit cards, internet, and mobile banking, passwords belonging to banks are included in the coverage of a total of 5,000 TL annually.

  • What is the coverage cost of Identity renewal?

    Your identity, passport, or renewed identity card (required to be re-issued as a result of identity theft or loss) is included in the guarantee with a maximum of 2,000 TL per annum.

  • What is the coverage cost of ATM theft?

    If there is a pick-pocketing situation within 50 meters of the same ATM and within 30 minutes after your ATM transaction with your card, your loss will be covered up to 2,500 TL per annum per incident.

  • What is the Identity Support Line?

    Thanks to Cyberty, you can make use of the Identity Support Line, where you can ask any question to expert customer representatives about possible risks against identity theft, how these risks can be managed, and how you can be protected from these risks.

  • What is Webguardme?

    Webguardme is an internet-based service application that scans all personal and financial information in the unsafe world of the internet. This application that you will have with Cyberty will notify you when it detects any risk. The service number of Webguardme is +90 850 390 70 70.

  • Where can I purchase Cyberty?

    Cyberty can be purchased from the “Get A Quote” form on this page or by visiting your nearest Dağlı Insurance branch.

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