Dağlı Sigorta

User Agreement

1. Parties

1.1 DAĞLI SİGORTA LİMİTED , Osman Paşa Cad. No:27/B Köşklüçiftlik Nicosia, Dağlı

Sigorta Limited is a limited liability company established and operating under the laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

It is an insurance company incorporated as a company. www.daglisigorta.com (“Website”) user (“User”), has logged in to the Website electronically, has used the services provided by Dağlı Sigorta Limited or the Website wants to benefit from its content.

1.2 The User agrees that this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement")

and this Agreement shall enter into force upon its approval by the electronic environment and the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement is aware and accepts that it is obliged to act in accordance with the conditions.

1.3 Dağlı Sigorta Limited and the User shall be referred to as "Parties" separately and together as "Parties".

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1 The subject of this Agreement is the policy to be offered by Dağlı Sigorta Limited to the User via the Website, The rights of the parties related to the offer and electronic distance sales service within the framework of the relevant legislation and determination of their obligations. The User agrees to the "User Agreement" and "Privacy Policy" documents and will not be able to proceed to the next steps without confirming that it has read and accepted the policy offer at electronic environment and will not be able to perform distance purchasing transactions.

2.2 Before proceeding to the policy offer and purchase steps on the Website, the User must read the "User Agreement and I have read and accept the Privacy Policy" box and the Agreement will be established and shall enter into force. The User shall provide Dağlı Insurance Limited with the policy offer, preparation and sale of policies accepts and declares that it authorises the use of its information for its transactions. Also Dağlı Insurance Limited,

may share user information with Public institutions, agencies, organisations and other business partners when necessary and within legal limits.

3. Terms of Service UsageAgreement

3.1 The person who wants to receive Services through the Website cannot have the right and authorisation to become a User as defined in this Agreement without entering the requested information. cannot have the right and authorisation to be a User as defined in this Agreement. Persons under 18 years of age or minors, restricted persons and those who do not have the power of appeal can only be processed through their parents or legal representatives can do so. Otherwise, all transactions made will be invalid.

3.2 The Website may only be visited and viewed for lawful purposes and for personal use,

The Website can be used for obtaining policy premium offers and purchasing insurance policies.

4. Rights and Obligations

4.1 On the Website, the User's premium offers which was received by entering TRNC Identity Number and vehicle licence plate and vehicle brand, vehicle model, vehicle usage style, vehicle engine number, vehicle chassis number, house address, building type, occupation, the country of travel, etc. are not finalized and may vary according to the risk profile.

4.2 The User is authorised to use the Website, including the username and password (if any) that allows the User to make use of the Website is personally responsible for the use and management of all information, must take all necessary precautions to ensure that it will be safe and user names and passwords are not allowed to be accessed by third parties. With username and password each transaction performed shall be deemed to have been performed by the User personally, and the User shall be entitled accepts and undertakes that there is no need for any written instruction for any other transactions. This information The User due to the use, loss or change of hands by a person other than the User The User shall be solely responsible for the damages and/or losses incurred by third parties. The User hereby agrees that all the responsibility specified in thew contract belongs to him/her, but he/she will immediately report any suspicious situations to our Company.

However, the User information, without the User's consent, this Agreement and the Privacy Policy attached hereto will not be used outside the scope of service, except for the cases specified in the scope of service, and will not be shared with third institutions and persons will not be shared.

4.3 The user may not transfer his/her membership profile to any other user under any terms and conditions, or it may not be shared by third parties.

4.4 In order to provide the service subject to this Agreement by the User, some information may be provided by Dağlı Sigorta Limited’s submission is mandatory. The user is free to use this information to benefit from the service. With his/her will and approval and that this information is entered in the manner specified in this Agreement and the attached Privacy Policy necessary for the provision of the service and/or for the fulfilment of the purposes stated at the time of receipt of the relevant information can be used for periods of time, authorised persons can access this information, these may be stored and shared with third parties within the limits permitted by the legislation.

4.5 The User agrees to comply with the terms of the Agreement, law, morality and will comply with the principles of honesty. In this context, the User shall provide the information requested to receive service accurately and fully and accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she is responsible in this context.

4.6 By visiting and using the Website, the User accepts and agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions both on the Website and in its content, agrees and undertakes not to violate any intellectual and industrial property rights. Software available on the Website, all rights of visuals and designs, writings, logos, graphics belong to Dağlı Insurance Limited.

Visiting the Website and/or utilising the Services on the Website about the mentioned intellectual property does not give any rights to the User regarding property rights. In this respect, the User visits the Website agree not to infringe intellectual property rights and trade information, know-how rights by making or using, declares and undertakes. The information used in the design, content and database creation of the Site and/or copying the software and/or utilising the service and using the Website beyond its purpose, all kinds of pictures, texts, images, files, etc. data contained on the Website Copying, distributing, processing and using in other ways is strictly prohibited.

In addition, Users’

(i)) threatening the security of the Website, the operation of the Website's software or making any attempt to prevent users from benefiting from the Website and the service,

(ii) impose a disproportionate load on the Website in such a way as to produce these results; published on the Website and/or unauthorised access to, copying, deleting information entered by others, change or make attempts in this direction;

(iii) ) threaten the general security of the Website and/or damage the Website, Dağlı Sigorta Limited and other actions that may harm the Users;

(iv) using or attempting to use software that will prevent the Website and the software used

or disrupting the operation of all kinds of software, hardware and servers, causing disruption

opening, reverse engineering, organising attacks, try to access its servers are strictly forbidden.

4.7 Nothing contained on the Website may be found on other websites and/or may not be published in any other media in written, oral media and/or electronically in any way and/or links cannot be given to them without Dağlı Sigorta Limited's approval.

4.8 Dağlı Sigorta Limited, can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages about the activities carried out by the User on the Website and/or these Losses incurred or to be incurred by third parties as a result of their actions contrary to the contract. Third parties may not be held liable for fulfil the obligations of the User specified in the Agreement with all kinds of requests to be made within the scope damages arising from the failure to bring the service shall be recourse to the User.

4.9 Dağlı Sigorta Limited shall provide the service subject to this Agreement in the Agreement and the laws, regulations and undertakes to fulfil the conditions specified within the scope of other legislation.

4.10 Regarding the information provided by the User for the purpose of creating the Offer or in the subsequent process information security constitutes the first priority of Dağlı Insurance Limited. Dagli Insurance Limited , Offer loss, change, misuse of the User information shared to receive, and unauthorised access to this informationtakes necessary measures to prevent access. However, this is a risk regarding the use of the Site, It belongs to the Users.

4.11 Dağlı Sigorta Limited may, at any time, without giving any reason and to the Users unilaterally amend the Agreement at its sole discretion and unilaterally without further notice

to make changes to the Website. Such changes shall be effective from the date of their publication on the Website shall be valid and binding for the Parties. Users are entitled to use the service on the Website by continuing to continue, it is deemed to have accepted these changes.

4.12 Dağlı Insurance Limited is free to provide the service or not, provided that there is no legal obligation. And, without prior notice, to bind the service and contents offered on the Website to some additional conditions, Temporarily suspend and/or change the services within the scope of the Website, or stop them completely, to close all information and content belonging to third parties or the User uploaded to the system to access, and has the right to delete. Dağlı Insurance Limited may exercise this right without any notice. Dağlı Sigorta Limited shall not be liable for any liability arising therefrom.

4.13 Changes to be made in the premium offer, policy terms, prices and regarding the application of the policy all kinds of issues are under the responsibility of Dağlı Insurance Limited within the framework of the legislation to which insurance companies are subject and responsible.

4.14 Dağlı Sigorta Limited shall not be liable for any information transmitted by the User to Dağlı Sigorta Limited or via the Website investigate the accuracy of the information and content uploaded, modified or provided by them, this is obliged to undertake and guarantee that the information and contents are safe, accurate and lawful and is not responsible for, and shall not be liable for any damages that may arise due to the incorrect or inaccurate information and content in question, shall not be held liable for any damages.

4.15 Through the Website, you may access third parties and other websites, files and files operated by third parties,linking to content and similar areas is for information and advertising purposes only and Dağlı Sigorta Limited warrants that such connection areas are safe, compliant with legislation and correct is not recognised. Information, content, visual and audio-visual content provided and published by third parties the commitment to the accuracy of the images and their compliance with the legislation is entirely borne by the person who performs these actions and/or the persons submitting the content to the Website are responsible. Also within the scope of the link other websites collect their own information and protect your privacy differently from Dağlı Sigorta Limited practices. For this reason, you should check the privacy practices of all other websites you visit. It is important that you review it.

4.16 Dağlı Sigorta Limited, does not guarantee and is not responsible for virus or similar harmful features in files uploaded from the Website or the Website will be error-free and uninterrupted and / or from the use of the service does not guarantee and undertake the results that may be expected and does not guarantee and undertake the results that may occur during the use of the Website damages and losses incurred as a result of failure, error, deficiency, interruption, virus, delay in transport, including but not limited to third parties and the Website's Users' transactions and acts and other actions, information and visuals contained on this Website in any manner and under any circumstances.

Anyone who visits our website and / or requests services other than the terms stated here It is deemed to have read the provisions specified in the "User Agreement" section and to have accepted its content exactly.

Cyber attack, natural disaster, riot, war, earthquake, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, strike, electricity including, but not limited to, interruptions, technical problems and bad weather conditions unforeseeable circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the party and notwithstanding due diligence In all cases deemed to be "force majeure" such as events that cannot be prevented, unavoidable events, etc., Dağlı Sigota hereby agrees thatLate or incomplete performance or non-performance of any of its obligations under the Contract is not liable due to force majeure. In case of force majeure, under any name from Dağlı Sigorta Limited compensation cannot be claimed.

The provisions in the “Privacy Policy” and “User Agreement” sections and our company in these provisions the legal relationship established between you and our company may be amended from time to time by constitutes the entire agreement and binds the parties. Unless otherwise agreed separately in writing, this agreement shall not be enforceable against our company. No claim or right contrary to the provisions of this Agreement may be made or asserted. In the event that the provisions of this Agreement are violated, Dağlı Sigorta Limited may terminate the Website of the User, may prevent him/her from using and/or may take all kinds of legal action against him/her.

In any disputes arising from the use of the Website and the Service, Dağlı Sigorta limited, books and records, log records, computer records, screenshots and documents related to the records will constitute evidence.

In the execution and interpretation of this Agreement, any question about or in relation to the Website Turkish Law shall apply in case of dispute. Any dispute arising or which may arise out of this Agreement In case of any dispute, TRNC Courts are authorised.

For all kinds of changes and cancellation requests regarding your Insurance Policies, you can either do it by sending an mail to our mail adress info@ daglisigorta.com or by calling our call centre at 0392 444 0900.